2018 IMS Workshop: Microwave to THz Imaging Technologies for Biomedical Applications

June 11, 2018
MTT-4 sponsored following workshop at 2018 IMS: WMB 08:00 – 17:15Title: Microwave to THz Imaging Technologies for Biomedical ApplicationsSponsor: IMSOrganizers: Andreas Stelzer, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria; Christian Damm, University of Ulm, GermanyAbstract: Medical imaging techniques are fundamental for modern health care. The various established imaging techniques work very well in most cases, but all do have certain limitations. Sometimes they simply cannot deliver good images because there is no physical contrast effect due to low interaction between the object and the used signal, e.g. soft matter not visible in x-rays. And many times these very expensive devices are not available in sufficient number, are not portable or it is simply too expensive to take continuously images in short intervals. Especially for future point-of-care applications it is desirable to have cheaper systems, capable of taking images at the bedside or monitor changing medical conditions over prolonged times. New microwave to THz imaging approaches offer these and even more possibilities which will not replace existing techniques but rather complement them. This workshop features imaging applications using microwave, mm-wave and THz systems for medical applications. Both sides, the theory and system design as well as the real clinical application including measurements and case studies are presented. Both areas are not treated separately but closely linked in the workshop having contributions from academia and industry with strong cooperation in between. Practitioners as well as researchers will present their results for a broad audience aiming to address the needs of electrical engineers as well as medical staff interested in the possibilities of this emerging area, the technology behind and inherent limitations. Medical applications include functional neuroimaging, diagnostic of stroke, traumatic brain injuries, burn wound assessment, surgical flap viability monitoring, breast cancer detection and ablation monitoring. Joint this workshop, have your questions answered and get in touch with renowned experts in this field during presentations and discussions.1. On The Road Towards Pre-Hospital Stroke Diagnostics With A Microwave System; Andreas Fhager; Chalmers University, Sweden2. Electromagnetic Tomography For Human Brain Imaging: Application For Detection Of Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries And Brain Tumor; Sergui Semenov, Ali Fard; EMTensor GmbH3. Multiport VNA System for Microwave Imaging; Sebastian Poltschak, Andreas Haderer, Reinhard Feger, Andreas Stelzer; Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria4. Burn Wound Assessment Through Microwave Imaging; Daniel Oppelt, Martin Vossiek; Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany5. Microwave Monitoring Of Breast Tumor Ablation; Susan Hagness; University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA6. Implementation And Testing Of Prototype Systems For Medical Microwave Imaging And Sensing;Elise Fear, Jeremie Bourqui; University of Calgary, Canada7. In Situ Monitoring Of Surgical Flap Viability Using Thz Imaging; Zachary Taylor; UCLA, USA