2018 IMS Workshop: Integrated Mm-Wave & THz Sensing Technology for Automotive, Industrial and Healthecare

June 10, 2018
MTT-4 sponsored following workshop at 2018 IMS: WSE 08:00 – 17:15Title: Integrated Mm-Wave & THz Sensing Technology for Automotive, Industrial and HealthecareSponsors: IMS; RFICOrganizers: Hongtao Xu, Fudan University; Vito Giannini, Uhnder IncAbstract: Recent advances in millimeter-wave and THz silicon technology have drawn strong interest in the RF community. Mm-wave sensors and THz imagers are becoming essential building blocks in several application domains. For example, in the automotive industry, mm-wave radars are considered as a key component for safety critical applications and autonomous driving cars. In the industrial world, drones and robotics will rely on such sensors to avoid obstacles or complete complex tasks. In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, THz prototypes find application in home patient monitoring, high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy. This workshop aims at covering the state of the art and the future development trends including FMCW and MIMO radars, as well as THz imagers. This includes silicon and systems operating at carriers beyond 30 GHz. Distinguished speakers from industry and academia will highlight system requirements, technology advances, challenges and solutions for implementations on system and silicon level.1. Autonomous Vehicles Systems and the Future of Riding; Sergio Pacheco; NXP2. MIMO Radars and Beamforming with Multichip Cascading; Sreekiran Samara; Texas Instruments3. MIMO Radar System Integration; Chris Pan; Uhnder Inc.4. New SiGe Technologies with Cut Off Frequencies Towards 600 GHz and Their Potential Impact on Future Mm-Wave Sensing in Automotive and Industrial Applications; Wolfgang Liebl; Infineon5. Mm-Wave for Cm Accurate Ranging: Signals, Building Blocks and A Little Bit of Algorithms; Wim Dehaene; KU Leuven6. Millimeter Waves for Cars, People, Cells, and Molecules; Ilja Ocket; imec and KU Leuven7. Hyperimager: A Compact Multi-Spectral Imaging Platform; Alberto Valdes-Garcia; IBM Research8. Large-Scale THz Active Arrays in Silicon for Bio-Chemical Sensing; Ruonan Han; MIT9. Silicon based Multispectral Terahertz Imaging; Richard Al Hadi; UCLA10. An Integrated-Circuit Approach to Terahertz Nearfield Imaging; Ullrich Pfeiffer; University of Wuppertal